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In 2016 the Apex Downtown Business Association (ADBA) teamed up with the Apex Historical Society (AHS) and the Town of Apex (TOA) to create PEAKTIQUE. PEAKTIQUE is an annual antique festival to be held each year in Apex. This is a passion project for Mack Thorpe, the co-owner of the Rusty Bucket, ADBA Member and PEAKTIQUE Committee Chair, whose goal is to give back to the Apex and Southwest Wake County Communities. 
The PEAKTIQUE Antique and Collectibles Festival offers high-quality antiques and collectibles from top quality dealers from the east coast of the United States.  We have had past dealers from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvanian, Maine, and Virginia.
The $5 donation entry fee supports activities of both the ADBA and the AHS. Most notable is the care and maintenance of the Maynard-Pearson House, located on Olive Chapel Road, built in the late 1800’s and is the headquarters for the AHS and museum. Proceeds to the ADBA are used to promote the locally owned businesses who reside in our Historic Downtown Apex.
THANK YOU, for coming out and supporting these worthy causes and supporting Apex while enjoying shopping for antiques and collectibles.

PEAKTIQUE, what’s in a name?

In 1853, what is now Apex NC was known as "Log Pond Village." In 1868, the railroad started coming through Log Pod Village and the engineers and conductors would refer to the Depot in Log Pond Village as the Apex Station. The reason it was spoke of as the Apex Station was because it was the highest geographic point along the rail line between Chatham County and Richmond Va. In 1872, Log Pond Village petitioned the state legislator to be incorporated as a town to be named Apex. In the early 1970’s the Town of Apex had a contest to come up with a tag line or slogan. The winning slogan for Apex was: "The Peak of Good Living."

NO new or household items, No counterfeit items, or crafts may be displayed or sold.

Additionally, Firearms newer than 1898, ammunition, explosives, drug-related items, pornographic materials, food, beverage, or animals are not allowed to be sold. Repurposed and/or repaired antiques are acceptable. Collectibles must be made before 1975.




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